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The Juco Tote Bag

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Did you know 3.92 billions plastic bags are used by Australians each year? That's over 160 plastic bags per person, per year!

Ditch that plastic bag next time you are at the shops with our premium juco tote bag. 

What's Juco?

Juco is the new ,environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. It is made of a mixture of jute (75%) and cotton (25%). Jute is a vegetable fibre, mostly grown in tropical countries. It's easy to produce, sturdy and biodegradable so it's the perfect material for sturdy things like rugs, rope etc... the best thing about jute is it uses way less water to produce than cotton and is much more eco-friendly than any other fabric.

Juco bags will last longer than any other material and will be able to carry much more weight without fraying or breaking!

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