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The 'Bee Wrappy' Beeswax Food Wraps

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The beautiful alternative to cling wrap and single-use plastic. 

Australian Made Beeswax Wraps meaning they are manufactured to meet exceptionally high standards of production. It is very obvious when you feel the difference of these wraps compared to cheaper overseas imports. These wraps last longer, are much thicker and do not end up with small 'clumps' after they are washed.

The details:

  • the beeswax in these wraps are 100% Australian organic beeswax, sourced from apiaries around Australia. It is refined and clarified to remove debris and fine impurities, giving beautiful beeswax which acts as the base ingredient for the wraps.
  • Bee Wrappy uses fabric, which is batch-dipped in the Hunter Valley with a blend of ingredients, in a purpose-built dipper, ensuring a high quality finish and beautiful feel.
  • After rolling, the dipped fabric is sent to be cut and packed in local factories based in Western Sydney making it a truly Aussie made and owned product from start to finish

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