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About Us

Make a Big Impact by Making Little Impact
We believe that small changes in our daily habits can add up to a big impact. We don't need a handful of people doing zero plastic perfectly, just millions of people doing it imperfectly! Imagine if everyone just changed one thing such as their toothbrush or stopped using single-use drink bottles, takeaway cups and plastic grocery bags? Nothing else! This would make a huge difference to the plastic that ends up in our oceans. We want to help you start your sustainable journey.
Why shop with Ocean Soul?
  • We try wherever possible to use Australian suppliers and manufacturing. We are proud to say that 70% of our stock (including packaging) is from small Aussie businesses just like us!
  • Our products are sustainably packaged in reusable or compostable material including biodegradable sticky tape (only to tape down your shipping labels!)
  • We use carbon neutral delivery methods. Sendle compensate the amount of carbon dioxide used when shipping by investing equally in restoring eco-system projects.
  • 10% of proceeds from our 'waves of change' bracelets goes to the Surfrider Foundation Australia to help them protect Australian beaches and waves through conservation, activism, research and education.
  • Free shipping when you spend over $50!

We are OCEAN SOULS and together we can keep the seas plastic free.

Waves In the Ocean

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