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Customer's Testimonials

Finally a store that provides high quality products for a good cause.

We've bought lately the coconut bowls and the bamboo straws. The shipping time was fine. We literally use those bowls and straws everyday.

Our family supports your vision and goals, Good luck!

Carl Kingery

The "Migaloo" necklace is adorable.

bought it for my sister(a huge fan of Migaloo), and she was super happy about it. You guys have a very unique jewellery collection.

gGod quality products and very kind customer service, recommended!

Aleshia Belmont

I feel like I just found the store for me!

Heard about Ocean Soul from a friend who bought an octopus ring. I LOVE the ocean and everything that has to do with it.
If there is a place that design my kind of jewellery and helps protect the ocean - I'm in!

Garret Kinzel